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A story of friendship, fellowship, and community!

by Kyra Williams

The Bible gives us an account concerning four men who brought their friend to Jesus who was crippled and had to be lowered down through the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching. It’s an awesome story about friendship, fellowship, and community. It’s a great way to bring February to a close. Come join […]

A community for Christ!

by Kyra Williams

We’ve been talking a lot about “community” in our church over this month that represents “love”. Tomorrow morning join us for the first service at 9:45 AM as we bring a close to February with a powerful message on the community of belonging. if there is any organization that should have open arms for those […]

Come hear the word of God!

by Kyra Williams

Join us tomorrow morning beginning at 9:45 AM at the church in Irving followed by second service at 11:15 AM in Hurst for two different and unique messages from God’s word. It’s going to be a great day of worship. ‪#‎lbceast‬ ‪#‎lbcwest‬

Better Together!

by Kyra Williams

Acts 2:1 says that before Pentecost the followers of Jesus were in “one accord”. We are certainly as a church “Better Together”. This will be our theme in worship tomorrow at the second service beginning at 11:15 AM in Hurst. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the greatest love ever shown to you and I was the […]

Greatest love of all is Gods love!

by Kyra Williams

Tomorrow morning at 9:45 AM we begin the Lords Day in worship, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day, and the greatest love of all is God’s love toward us. Join us at the church in Irving for this first service. “How to Love One Another”is the message. May God bless you.

Do you love Jesus?

by Kyra Williams

That question was probably the most important question that Jesus asked Simon Peter and John 21. “Do you love me?” That is the same question that Jesus is asking all of us. Join us for worship tomorrow as I will be speaking two different messages into different locations. 9:45 AM at the church at 11:15 […]