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Passion Week of our Lord

by Kyra Williams

Join us tomorrow for “Palm Sunday” at LBC East and West. Services begin at 9:45 AM at the church and 11:15 AM at the Feragne Villa located at 755 Mid Cities Blvd in Hurst. This begins what is known as the Passion Week of our Lord. It’s the holiest of weeks and it is a […]

Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight

by Kyra Williams

I just want to remind everyone that we will have our regular services tomorrow morning at 9:45 am at the church and 11:15 AM at the Feragne Villa. There is an urban legend that a certain pastor in DFW three or four years ago forgot to move his clock forward and showed up just in […]

Step out in faith for God!

by Kyra Williams

One unforgettable line from this film is “sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.” Many times as I have stepped out in faith for God I have thought about that line in the movie. Join us tomorrow morning at 11:15 AM as we talk about Paul’s passion for the Gospel. ‪#‎lbcwest‬

Be witness for the Lord!

by Kyra Williams

We know what this image means. A witness takes the stand to testify to the truth. We are called as followers of Jesus to testify to the truth. Sometimes it is hard to be a witness when we go through hard times and difficulties but nevertheless we must be a witness for the Lord. Join […]